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March 27, 2001

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Whoo, got a little crazy with this actually, i totally flipped. Lots of ascii fun with this one, did i mention ascii? lots of it! Make sure to check out the "photos", "about", and "computer" sections. README file included.

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06 Aug 2006 06:34am PDT


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What's the usability point?

13 Aug 2006 03:27am PDT


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Can somebody say WoW!!! From the looks of it this has been up for awhile. As I needed a mental break from my own web site I am building, I stumbled accrossed this site and found your "Insane" web designs. I have wanted to do this type of design for sometime now. I have messed around with a few programs but nothing I could use in Front Page and really figure it out. Of course, my own ideas just using your template to understand how to build whatever. I am totally wowed if there is a such word.. The name fits perfect with how crazy "Insane" this really is. Great job and by the way... I am up late every night as well. It is only 3am right now LOL...Don't care what anyone thinks this type of design is going to blow up in the very near future!! No matter what anyone else say's THIS ROCKS, WELL DONE and my fav is the computers as I just love how the colors are faded (blinded well) in the back and then BAM just hits you from the front!!!

Kindly Michie,

24 Aug 2006 04:50am PDT


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To the PCDOC. This type of design is called ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and Wikipeda also states "ASCII was first published as a standard in 1967 and was last updated in 1986. It currently defines codes for 33 non-printing, mostly obsolete control characters that affect how text is processed, plus the following 95 printable characters (starting with the space character):"


To me this is Art so I am not suppose to understand the point or what the use is for it. It is just for fun. If you read in the about section of this webpage, this designer say's it was just an experimental webpage design. If I was trying to research medical or Law let just say, I would not be viewing this page but if I was looking for something new or fun and maybe some 3D computer art I would be looking at this type of webpages. I do not mean to sound rude in anyway but if you try and sit down for one evening and create what this person has created and are able to do it as good then my hat is off to you as well. I could not do it I have tried. If you really take a second and really look at the pictures they are amazing..... But that is my opion. This is art in a different way than our eyes and minds are trained to see. It is not gallery art but it should be in a gallery. So the use of this? That is for each one of us to figure out for ourselfs. One can take something out of this and learn from it or not. Think FUN think PASSING TIME think OUTSIDE the BOX but then again that is not for me to tell you what to think, that is for you and you only to figure out.



11 Mar 2007 22:09pm PDT


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I dont know if you will read these lines about your website but i'll leave a comment here anyway.

I compliment you on this work. Must have taken forever to really actually doing this kind of stuff! Turned out awesome!

Personally i like ASCII Art and out of the box thinking... So i've downloaded this here design just for having it at hand. Not to actually change or use it in any other way.

It would be wicked sick to take my time to change just a bit of it, to say the least. And i guess that's all that i have to say about it.


13 Dec 2007 16:06pm PST


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well done. waaaay well done. It's just plain out of this world and in my humble opinion, down right inspiring. thanks for the time and energy you invested, I just HOPE I can learn how to spread the word and show off this chunk of change and I mean change in the make a difference sense.

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