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October 4, 2005

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31 Jan 2007 16:48pm PST


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Just to let you know, may want to state license the image is under, and what it can be used for... It's better for the open source community as a whole. I love the template btw.

Anywho, here's what I found...

Clip Art

The Microsoft Clip Art Gallery provides a compilation of artwork for your personal use. Microsoft licenses some of the artwork from third parties and therefore cannot grant permission for you to redistribute the artwork. For more information on the terms of use, refer to the End User License Agreement (EULA) that accompanied the product from which you obtained the clip art. If you obtained the artwork from Office Online, you can find the EULA at

Many other product EULAs are available at

The following guidelines apply to the use of clip art:

1.You may use clip art in your school assignments and projects.

2.You may use clip art in your church brochure.

3.You may use clip art for personal, noncommercial uses.

4.You may not use clip art to advertise your business.

5.You may not use clip art to create a company logo.

6.You may not use clip art to illustrate the chapters of a book.

So even though I love the template, I can't use the image... which stinks because I like the look of this and would like to mod it for a small business site, but the image can't be for business use without somekinda royalties to someone, who from the looks of microsoft's website would be a pain to track down. Unfortunately if the author of the image couldn't be found and I used it, I could still be sued even if I spent alot of time and resources trying to get their permission. And technically since this is a "redistribution" of the image there could be problems there too just for putting it on here...

I know it's crazy, but just though you should know... Always be weary of free images unless they state the liscense, and the liscense is something like Public Domain or GPL equiv. Others, by default, the creator has alot of legal clout over the image and how it's used...

Again though loved the theme, the colors looked vivid, but not overbearing, and play well together.

25 Mar 2007 07:59am PDT


Comments 8

Thank you. I just updated the header image. Not sure how long it will take to fix.

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