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December 12, 2005

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A photo gallery inspired by poloroids on a table.

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06 Mar 2006 20:20pm PST


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I like the look. The download does not render as does the sample. I did figure out that I needed to create an "images" folder and move the image files there, but as for other features, its a different animal than what's on the site.

13 Mar 2006 11:34am PST


Comments 12

What is the space below each image for? Also, the border to white space ration seems a bit high - I would bring it closer together and maybe make the borders gray or thinner. The thumbnail caught my eye. Good work!

14 Nov 2006 11:23am PST


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I'm confused as to why you would attempt to turn this into a tableless design. There are some times in web design when it is appropriate to use tables, such as for a photo gallery or statistical data. I would understand if your pictures would reduce to 2 or 1 column as the screen resolution shrinks, or expands to 9 as it expands horizontally, but I believe you have missed the concept of tableless design.

Tableless design is not about avoiding tables, it's about not relying on them.

05 Mar 2007 07:15am PST


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Nice try, but have you tried to display thumbnails with different sizes, as normally photos don't come all square sized!?

I was going insane over trying to get them horizontally centered and was finally giving up and using tables again.

btw. by replacing the class small-image-box width "#thumbnails div" you can kick the class="small-image-box".

@ broz2004
to have a floating gallery - that's the point - yes - and if you get rid of the width in the box element it's going to float into the width of the page.

But unfortunately I haven't seen one yet.

So keep trying ;-)

17 May 2007 13:52pm PDT


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I love it!! Simple yet flexible. Your template will get my gallery up and running in no time. Thank you

27 May 2007 20:47pm PDT


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I would like to downlaod and give it a go, but I'm getting error msg while dowloading..
"Warning: mysql_query(): Unable to save result set in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 18
Got error 127 from table handler"

is there anything wrong ?

03 Nov 2007 09:49am PDT


Comments 2


I am using KopoZer to work with this template. And new to webpage designing.

How do I get the small pictures to get into the large picture when you click on the small picture?


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