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March 2, 2006

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another simple theme by j.e lontok

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09 Mar 2006 15:01pm PST


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I played with your CSS for a while. A few questions/comments for you -

First, why do you code your CSS in single lines? I find it hard to read. Secondly, why doesn't your logo box on the top left come all the way down to the bottom of the header? It seems sort of open ended. Also, have you considered using display:block and 100% width on your menu a's so your hover isn't just over the text(which changes sizes)?

27 Mar 2006 23:00pm PST


Comments 2

thanks for the comments :) Ok, I'll try your suggestions and I will upload an update ASAP.

About Q #1, I really have no idea why i code that way :)

21 May 2006 23:54pm PDT


Comments 1

This is a design with a lot of (good) modification potential.

Aside from the one-line bit, which yeah, it would be nice to see it a little bit more cleaned up, it would also be nice to see some comments along the way, say, "This is for page style," "This is for such-and-such layout," etc. It allows people using the design to quickly find just what it is they're looking for in terms of modding it for their own use - because this is a good design to use for various means.

25 May 2006 17:33pm PDT

Lt Wolfe

Comments 1

I have a fix for the header. Change line five (5) of the original CSS file. Replace this:

logo {float:left; width: 192px; border-right: 1px #cccccc solid; padding-bottom: 12px; background-color:#eeeeee}

with this:

logo {float:left; width: 192px; border-right: 1px #cccccc solid; padding-bottom: 18px; background-color:#eeeeee}

That will drop the grey box down to touch with the image.

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