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March 4, 2006

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''' ZEN ART '''

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06 Mar 2006 06:14am PST


Comments 6

Im sorry but i find this design utterly appauling. It is hard to navigate, confusing unless you know what over means in a design (the average joe blogs will not know to hover over that to get the text.

I dont like the idea of having to hover over everything to be able to read something. It is an ugly design, ugly concept and to be honest i think you need a new hobbie.

Sorry for the critisism but hopefully you will learn from this and come back soon with a nice CLEAN layout with a nice amount of white space and properly styled text etc.

Good luck with everything in the future.

07 Mar 2006 14:07pm PST


Comments 1

This could be a wonderful starting point for something really awesome, but right now, it's just weird and confusing.

01 Apr 2006 14:10pm PST


Comments 8

Risk-takers frequently fail. But when they succeed...
Try again.

22 Apr 2006 14:21pm PDT


Comments 13

zymurgy: 2 designs
bakagaigin: 0 designs
infomaine: 0 designs

Work, work, work please.

The work will change your simple minds.

22 Apr 2006 20:24pm PDT


Comments 6

this is a mind-blowing design.

mind-blowing because my head nearly exploded trying to navigate it. i'm sorry, but there's no user-friedly aspects integrated into this design. text is hard to read because the background colour keeps changing everytime i move the mouse.

users are used to CLICKING on text to get information, not hovering over it. and the fact that your text covers the image throws off the whole layout.

this design needs to be completely restructured and planned out. remember that form follows function , as my grade 10 business teacher used to say.

23 Apr 2006 21:01pm PDT


Comments 2

Hey, I don't design sites because I'm not a designer or a graphics guy... but even I can tell this one ULGY design. At first I thought it was just a joke but it seems the designer is serious.

24 Apr 2006 08:28am PDT


Comments 9

It doesnt even work on IE.

20 May 2006 15:48pm PDT


Comments 13

Christeh: "It doesnt even work on IE"

IE don't exist.

I like Opera or Firefox.
I like Linux.
I like GNU phylosophy.

This is my little world.

09 Oct 2006 05:28am PDT


Comments 3

Sorry, LocaWapp - I have to agree with the others who've left comments. Even if someone hasn't submitted a design, they're still entitled to express their opinion. Your site does seem to ignore the most basic design rules. You say yourself "The css [sic] Zen Garden is about functional, practical CSS and not the latest bleeding-edge tricks viewable by 2% of the browsing public." However (and possibly unfortunately), IE is still used by the majority of the browsing public, so you appear to have been hoist by your own petard! A good effort though - I'd definitely like to see some more of your work, but perhaps something a tad less avant garde?

22 Jan 2007 13:52pm PST


Comments 1

Beautiful picture. Did you make it yourself (and how)? I would really like to use it in one of my designs. Would that be cool?

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