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Blue Sky


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March 6, 2006

Designer Notes

This is my first OSWD design :-) It is XHTML Strict 1.0 and CSS valid. Does not use any tables and is very flexible.

Design Comments

06 Mar 2006 04:56am PST


Comments 3

First off all, I really like your design!
But I think the distance between your left menu structure and your right content pane is a little too great. (this is just a minor detail tho)
The site's title doesn't really stand out either, try making it a little bigger, or don't use negative letter spacing.

Nice job!!

06 Mar 2006 06:16am PST


Comments 6

I like this design a lot. I have to aggree with PaasHaas on the navigation, it is a little too far to the left from the content but other than that its a nice design. Good use of white space, well formatted well presented etc.

Good job, 8/10

06 Mar 2006 06:46am PST


Comments 1

I'm not about the space. I actually think I like it; it gives it more of a 'spacious' look. I'm a big fan.

06 Mar 2006 15:19pm PST


Comments 6

Nice one!

06 Mar 2006 17:08pm PST


Comments 10

Only problem I see is the header, like most people said, it is a little small. Overall, GREAT JOB!


I'd give you a 9/10

07 Mar 2006 11:15am PST


Comments 5

I really like this design. Feels quite different.

07 Mar 2006 12:17pm PST


Comments 17

Really like the colors!

07 Mar 2006 22:25pm PST


Comments 1

Good work! This is almost the perfect template for the site I'm working on; I'll let you know when it's ready.

08 Mar 2006 16:35pm PST


Comments 4

This design is outstanding, one of the best I've seen added to OSWD recently.

09 Mar 2006 14:56pm PST


Comments 12

I like the design, but I feel like the orange is almost an afterthought. Yes, it is complimentary, but it doesn't seem to fit with the monochromatic blue scheme.

23 Mar 2006 12:28pm PST


Comments 2

Very nice design.

14 May 2006 16:39pm PDT


Comments 1

Wow, thanks for the great feedback!!

I'm glad that so many peoples like my design :-)

Here is a little present:

I updated the template (fixed forms issue and added 4 alternative styles)!
You can download the
new version here:


14 Nov 2006 03:07am PST


Comments 1

I'm one of those who liked your design too. I may agree with the size of the title and all, but i could "fix it" on my own.
It doesn't look that nice, but I'm working on it:

GOD bless ya!


19 May 2007 10:41am PDT


Comments 2

I just registered on this GREAT site to thank you for this great template! Like others here I immediately fall in love with this layout :) I decided that my new website should be based on yours, and here's the result:

(For the colors I was inspired by another design here: )

Oh and nice Website with cool gallery! I even used that for some of my pictures :P

P.S Mach weiter so! ;)

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