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March 15, 2006

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I designed this page for fun. I will introduce myself in the page. I praticed creating tables and I just want to simulate keyboard. The "1~9" keys of the small keyboard will help you to navigate the page. You can also use "accesskey" in some browser. For example, FireFox, you can use "Alt+1" to go to part one "1、I Am Chinese" by your real keyboard.

Design Comments

17 May 2006 07:31am PDT


Comments 3

I love China too but the communist party is evil.
Long live the Dalai Lama!
Let us pray for a free Tibet and a free Democratic China and a free Taiwan!

10 Jul 2006 04:03am PDT


Comments 1

hey man,you know you don't have to do this.yeah nothing about the design.i love China coz i'm a chinese also,but i don't think your words' worth any thing.we're fooled and slaved for long,don't get completely insane alright bro?if you don't wanna say something constructive,just leave it be,we came here for designing communication,not stupid "loving mother country"or something,see?

19 Aug 2006 03:17am PDT


Comments 9

I like the main idea of the keyboard... nevertheless, from an usability point of view, it's not so clear that each button will take you to an anchor point... at least, it should have been placed an hidden layer to explain what's happening.
The bottom edge is not as stilish as the upper part.

29 Oct 2006 11:52am PST


Comments 3

I like the concept of the keyboard. But please don't let your own country's political opinions become your religion. The last thing you want to have is everyone to have the same opinions in a country.

The design itself is unique, but perhaps the number buttons could look a bit more 3d with a thicker border on the right and bottom.

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