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March 20, 2006

Designer Notes

A citrus green template with a focus on usability. Fluid also.

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20 Mar 2006 10:25am PST


Comments 12

Okay, here are a few things that stick out when I look at the template:

  1. The black text that says "Lime-Lite" in the banner doesn't stand out enough. Maybe another color, bolder, bigger - make it perfectly legible.

  2. The search box on the top right would look much better vertically centered and styled to match the colors of the rest of the page.

3.The white space between your content and the gallery doesn't sit well. Maybe you can match it to the content box somehow?

Aside from those things, I think the design is coming along nicely. Good work.

20 Mar 2006 11:42am PST


Comments 22

Thanks for your comments.

  1. I don't really know if another colour would help. I will try bolder

  2. I couldn't seem to get the form elements to vertically center. Do you have any suggestions how? About their colours. I think the button colours match the rest of the page (green/orange = citrus), do you mean the textfield background should be slighlty green or something?

  3. Can you explain this more?

20 Mar 2006 12:54pm PST


Comments 12

You are right, the background is rather white on that side, so a lighter color woulnd't help. Larger should. Also, you could add a faded white box to your header (maybe fade out to nothing as you move right, or as you move down) so that the black stands out even more.

As for the search box, that is pretty much what I had in mind yes. Also making it a bit longer may help it fit in.

In terms of matching the gallery to the content box - if you made a div that was the same height that contained all of the images, that might work. Right now it is shorter, but not centered vertically, so it seems a bit out of place. The whitespace between your content and your gallery space is lost.

20 Mar 2006 14:45pm PST


Comments 22

:-) I like people that point out things like this, thanks. I will look into it. Might a few days, because I have to find time somewhere to do it.

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