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gandalf the white
March 21, 2006

Designer Notes

I have resubmitted this design, with a minimum number of images - One portrait, one landscape and one holding image. I hope this helps it to be passed. This purely CSS picture gallery is inspired by Stu Nicholls work at The header and menu is also constructed completely in CSS. The CSS is validated, and the code is validated as XHTML 1.0 Strict.

Design Comments

22 Mar 2006 17:14pm PST


Comments 1

A wonderful design. I have a great use for it on my site, if I ever get it going.

Thank you, sir!

23 Mar 2006 03:54am PST

gandalf the white

Comments 2

Thanks for the compliment. Don't forget to send me a link to your site when it is completed.

24 Mar 2006 10:37am PST


Comments 9

Hi. My english is not that good, so please excuse me. I'm basically new to CSS and I was wondering...Can I do like a classified tool where people is able to fill a form and upload an image? My purpose is to do an interactive gallery of pets, where people upload their pets' pics and comment about them and then they get publish on the site automatically.

My site is and I used a design by Now:Design from Thanks!

28 Mar 2006 00:02am PST


Comments 5

I like the idea of scrolling highlighting & enlarging the picture.
I, too, hope to have a gallery of images on my future sites. This makes it very user-friendly.

02 Apr 2006 10:51am PDT


Comments 5

I love the scrolling over the image and displaying the large image eslewhere. Would like to just use the gallery part.

It seems hard to modify the images to work properly. specially to be compliant in IE.

A little more commenting in the CSS file would be great. Testing it out here:

Testing other galleries too.

03 Apr 2006 06:03am PDT

gandalf the white

Comments 2

Jasperguy - My template works fine in IE 5.5 and IE 6. Having a look at your site, you may be getting problems due to the image size being incorrect.

For landscape pics the thumbnail must be 60px high by 93px wide, and the correspopnding bigger pic must be 240px by 372px.

For portrait the thumbnail must be 93px high by 60px wide, and the larger one 372px high by 240 wide.


20 Apr 2006 03:29am PDT


Comments 1

Hi gandalf the white,

Wonderful indeed! Is it possible to ask you for a customization, even if I'll have to pay something?
My DN is, so instead of gallery, you'll need to postpone the a before the y and to change initial gl with jm, and enventually add a dot com and use the same colours as for Google.
Let me know if you'll agree to do that, you can contact me by mail jmleray -at-
Many thanks,

24 Feb 2007 11:09am PST


Comments 1

This is really a wonderful template which works well in older versions of IE and naturally in all standard compliant Browsers.

It is also very easy to customize!

Thank you for all the work and creativity you have put into it.

29 May 2012 20:35pm PDT


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