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Rowan Lewis
June 2, 2006
XHTML 1.0 Strict
Uses CSS

Designer Notes

Blue Rain was designed for a website dealing with depression and mental illness, but aside from all that, its a nice bright design!

Design Comments

09 Jun. 2006 9:14am PDT


Comments 3

Not sure what it is about this one but I really like it! Nice and simple... great work :o)

23 Jul. 2006 2:06am PDT


Comments 13

This one is really good! Nice!

26 Aug. 2006 6:06pm PDT


Comments 1

Great design but
a) the design doesn't look right in IE6 (the button bar is a solid color instead of graded)
b) It is GPL, which kind of limits my use of it...

09 Dec. 2006 11:56pm PST


Comments 1

Very nice design. Used it for a college project page, got the highest marks for website!

12 Jan. 2007 6:29am PST


Comments 1

Excellent design! Really love it.
And it's just right for a site i'm developing at work.
Has there been any update regarding the IE6 glitch mentioned by Dandiep?
Can't use it since most of the target audience still use IE... [sigh]

27 Feb. 2008 7:08am PST


Comments 2

Hey all... Figured out a fix for IE for this template, in case anyone is still looking at it... Basically, for some reason, the gradient image has different Hex Codes in FF and IE.. The Hex Code provided for #menu Background (#437FDA) works in FF, but not IE. You need to have a separate CSS sheet for IE. Just use a #menu Background (#3974D5). In case you're not familiar with Conditional IE commands for CSS, use this...

In the MainStyle_FF.css, you use the sheet provided in the code. In MainStyle.css, you just need to have the IE specific items that override the Original CSS. Hope this helps someone else out.

27 Feb. 2008 7:26am PST


Comments 2

Looks as if the Comment Engine doesn't like to put code in, so I will throw in the URL for the IE Conditional CSS formatting resource, in case you are not familiar with it.. Replace the DOT and remove the spaces in order to get the proper link...

alastairc DOT ac / 2006 / 05 / conditional-comments-in-css /

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