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June 11, 2006

Designer Notes

I hope you enjoy my design. A readme.txt file and PSD file has been included in the ZIP file.

Design Comments

13 Jun 2006 02:00am PDT


Comments 3

Very nice template, looks really professional.

13 Jun 2006 11:37am PDT


Comments 2

Nicely done. Love the blues. Any chance of posting other color variations i.e. green or orange?

13 Jun 2006 11:57am PDT


Comments 2

Better yet, brown

13 Jun 2006 13:48pm PDT


Comments 1

Looks to be very clean and usable. It's hard to get storefronts to look good and still show off the products. I like it.

16 Jun 2006 16:46pm PDT


Comments 1

Nice Template! I like the complexity of it all, must of took you a while? Good Job.

26 Jun 2006 12:36pm PDT


Comments 1

First the kudos: very nicely done; professional and nice looking.

Except that your license is not "open source" by any stretch. Please browse through the licenses at to choose one more appropriate to your work.

29 Jul 2006 14:16pm PDT


Comments 6

Comments 1

Nice design but it breaks down in IE 7 (beta).

Thats because it is BETA

26 Jul 2006 20:37pm PDT


Comments 1

Nice design but it breaks down in IE 7 (beta).

28 Jul 2006 12:59pm PDT


Comments 4

Love the design, great stuff! Reminds me a bit of the 'stopdesign' style (in terms of boxes and colors rather than layout).

11 Aug 2006 11:02am PDT


Comments 1

I like it very much!

20 Aug 2006 05:05am PDT


Comments 1

What happened to open source licensing?

10 Oct 2006 07:20am PDT


Comments 4

really you done good design.

27 Oct 2006 00:19am PDT


Comments 1

I love the design, I will try and tweak it in red

31 Oct 2006 09:46am PST


Comments 3

Love the design, I modified it slightly for a friend of mine:
BizzyBodyz Dance for Children

31 Oct 2006 09:47am PST


Comments 3

Love the design, I modified it slightly for a friend of mine:

01 Nov 2006 06:03am PST


Comments 1

Love what you did to the background images, nice job!

10 Dec 2006 20:09pm PST


Comments 1

Thanks for all of the positive comments. As far it the license being not being open source by definition, well to put it bluntly I'm not too clued up with licensing and legal issues. To put it simply, do what you want with the design... as I said I'm now expert on law or licensing and don't plan to, so I'm hardly going to sue anyone. I just don't what people trying to falsely claim credit for this design when it's not theirs, hence why I put the restrictions. I'm not going to be overly fussed if you really want/have to take the footer text out.

While I've had some really good comments about this design; I did do it quite a while ago. As a result, it's not perfect by any means and there are some rough edges. It does seem in the current release of IE7 that the design holds up, which is good, as not all of my older designs have held up and I will probably end up spending an afternoon cursing my computer while I makes updates!

Whoever made the Stopdesign comment, I will admit, that Stopdesign is one of my fav sites as far as design goes. As you can see the style rubs off on me. I have to admit though, it's also a frustration as I feel my design skills are somewhat limited to this style as I have not had the time I have wanted to experiment with Photoshop.

If anyone has made any colour modifications, I would be grateful if they could maybe submit them back to this site if they don't mind others using them. If I get time, I might look at other colours, but I doubt it will happen for now. However I do plan to release a couple more designs soon, so watch this space!

Note if you want to contact me, it might be an idea to send messages via this site as well (or instead) of my email/my site, as it did go down for a couple of months.

15 Dec 2006 16:42pm PST


Comments 3

love the design, the ideas regarding accessibility -true!

picture came out fabulous! great talent!! i may use this one for a friend of mine's business... i'll check to see if thats ok in your text...


28 Sep 2007 13:39pm PDT


Comments 1

magnum opus......
amazing wrk...

but cud you plsss help editing your design..wanted to use ur design on my buisness website..cud u plss tell hw to edit ur design??

29 May 2012 20:40pm PDT


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