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January 4, 2007
XHTML 1.0 Strict
Uses CSS

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06 Jan. 2007 10:15pm UTC


Comments 13

I like your ability.

Are you able to make Ajax Design?

11 Jan. 2007 3:10pm UTC


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This is the best template I found. Excellent, your are the best.

13 Jan. 2007 2:59am UTC


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Great template, however the footer is funky in IE7, otherwise I'd use it. :(

14 Jan. 2007 3:36am UTC


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I LOVE the clean and cool colors in this un-cluttered template!

I am working with it in yahoo site builder. I do have IE7 also and it's a bit choppy.

I'm also not sure what I am doing wrong as far as the background only wants to settle on the too far right of the IE7 screen, but looks fine in page builder.

Dying to upload my child support site!

Any suggestions for me and I will be very grateful!

16 Jan. 2007 12:58am UTC


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ok, here is fix for IE7:
It should work perfectly :)

in html insert this in place where is this:

so it changes to

and here:

so it changes to

I tried it on my notebook and it worked in IE 7, so it should work also on live server.

27 Jan. 2007 12:29am UTC


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Used Nautica 2.2 a while back and was thinking about using it again, but the navigation didnt suit my needs.

Thought Id check your designs for any others and found this addition, absolutely love it, very flexible navigation, cool design, thanks!

04 Feb. 2007 2:36pm UTC


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Very Nice template.

13 Feb. 2007 8:20pm UTC


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Where is the fix? I dotn see it in your comment. I can use it. I want to test this design. I like it. What program did you create it in and whats the best program to use to manipulate it. Frontpage and dreamweaver move things around way to much. The CSS cleans it up but its hard to work on with t5hose two programs. HELP

08 Nov. 2007 8:37am UTC


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I like this template. But are any Photoshop files available?

19 Feb. 2008 6:44am UTC


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Would love to see the IE7 fix...please resubmit...thanks

13 Mar. 2008 2:08am UTC


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Could you tell how to fix the problem for IE7?

12 Apr. 2008 11:48am UTC


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i like the contact us section. when u hover over it, it changes colour. great effect

17 Apr. 2008 11:53pm UTC


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Hi, whenever I click "View" the image is different from the picture shot shown. What I see in my browser is just two clouds and the rays, no hills and the board. How do I fix this? But when I open the nautica05 dark version, I can see the full image (just as the picture shot) with the pink circle, the ray, the female body. The board in nautica05 design is the most essential part for me. Thanks so much for your help.

26 Jun. 2008 2:26pm UTC


Comments 12

Very stunning work Nautica, the site stripped out your HTML for the fix. Any chance you can post a URL to the instructions.


05 Jul. 2008 9:25pm UTC


Comments 43

Excellent! This design is very upbeat and emotional.

04 Aug. 2008 2:46pm UTC


Comments 3

I love the funky simplicity of the look. Makes me feel inspired to think "out of the box".

11 Oct. 2008 4:48pm UTC


Comments 2

nice graphic for!

22 Jan. 2009 12:13am UTC


Comments 1

I have identified a problem in this template, but I can't figure out how to fix it.

It uses auto margins, but if you resize your browser window width wise you'll notice that the header image will make a 1px gap between the edge of the image and the start of the background image.

Sometimes this does not require resizing depending on the resolution and browser version of the client. Any ideas?

09 Mar. 2009 7:00am UTC


Comments 1

Has anyone got the IE7 fix?
Would love to see it.

10 Oct. 2009 3:56pm UTC


Comments 5

I really loved the design.
The best thing is that you provide bith 3 and 2 column layout.
Good job!

30 May. 2012 3:38am UTC


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