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Teun van Vegchel
January 4, 2007
XHTML 1.0 Strict
Uses CSS

Designer Notes

This is my first, it's quite old, but I'd like to know what you think about it.. Teunn

Design Comments

06 Jan. 2007 7:05am UTC


Comments 2

Love the design.. the edges can do some work like vertical VANERO text and the white border could use a subtle gradient...

But I love it the same. =D

Nice work

07 Jan. 2007 12:05pm UTC


Comments 1

Man I have to give it to you that is good work. vanero as given me a new look to home page. good work.

17 Feb. 2007 3:10pm UTC


Comments 1

5 star design for you man!!!

19 Feb. 2007 2:36pm UTC


Comments 1

Very nice - I agree about adding smooth images to the nav and also a preload would be good to prevent browsers having to reload the images on each mouseover.

Lovely stuff though.


31 Mar. 2007 5:26pm UTC


Comments 1

May it's an idea to make a inline frame in it??

09 May. 2007 6:28pm UTC


Comments 1

It is very nice..
I love the color.. =)

10 May. 2007 7:02pm UTC


Comments 1

This is awesome! Never seen anything like it.

20 May. 2007 2:45am UTC

Teun van Vegchel

Comments 1

Hey Guys Thanks! I uploaded this a long time ago.. Today I was just browsing a little and suddenly came by a page that had this design! That was quite a surprise!
Anyway, thanks for the positive feedback! Maybe I'll upload another one soon ;)

01 Aug. 2007 4:29pm UTC


Comments 12

Very very nice template Teun! Like what's mentioned, some pre-loads for the mouseovers is all that's need to make it perfect.

09 Aug. 2007 7:25am UTC


Comments 1

Hi , I was browsing trhrough some templates coz i'm looking for one to a site i wanna build.
while browsing your design catch my eye ...
so I enter to look at it.
this is a big plus :-) you made me look at your work while I was browsing :-)
I like the clean look , not too many thing , only a clean cool comfortable sedign.
I loved it!!!
very talented

25 Feb. 2008 6:05am UTC


Comments 5

Really a stand out design!

This one goes in my toolkit!

Many Thanks, sir!

30 Apr. 2008 2:11pm UTC


Comments 1

Tried to email you Teun but the address is not valid. Anyway, really like the design. Do you remember the website address for the group that used the template?

05 Jul. 2008 9:40pm UTC


Comments 43

Simple and vibrant! Excellent work.

24 Feb. 2009 10:19am UTC


Comments 3

I like the concept of your design!

18 Jul. 2009 5:37am UTC


Comments 4

you are a very talented artist my friend nicely done!!

27 Jul. 2010 9:02pm UTC


Comments 1

Ziet er goed uit! Bedankt :)

28 Jul. 2010 12:38pm UTC


Comments 1

very nice

17 Jan. 2011 9:37am UTC


Comments 1

Hoewel al een aantal jaar geleden ontworpen, nog steeds een erg mooi design.

Ik ga hem zeker gebruiken als basis voor mijn website. Zodra deze online is zal ik je de link sturen.


15 Nov. 2011 2:52am UTC


Comments 3

nice and simple, I think the obliqued position of the navigation bar is very tasteful!

11 Mar. 2012 1:57pm UTC


Comments 1

Hey man, this template is absolutely great and it is exactly what I was trying to find.

I'll just change color scheme, add some text and I have first class presentation. I love your scheme but I need blue for my purposes.

Thank you very much and of course I will add you name because this is really first class job!

30 May. 2012 3:34am UTC


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18 Apr. 2013 6:15pm UTC


Comments 1

Just wanted to let you know I used your design (with some modifications) on :-)

23 Aug. 2013 10:03am UTC


Comments 1

Great design! Thank you very much

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