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January 9, 2007
XHTML 1.0 Strict
Uses CSS

Designer Notes

Simple css/xhtml template, two columns, 800px.

Design Comments

01 Feb. 2007 3:30am UTC


Comments 2

This is a very nice template! great job at creating this with a clean look that is very eye catching!

07 Feb. 2007 11:25am UTC


Comments 7

very corporate look

13 Feb. 2007 7:59am UTC

Comments 4

gui is having very soothing look and feel features

12 Mar. 2007 1:35pm UTC


Comments 5

The design are clear, easy on the eyes, but I think you should recast
the navigation icons (*home, *articles, etc.).

22 Sep. 2007 2:21am UTC

Urban Zombie

Comments 1


01 Nov. 2007 6:26pm UTC


Comments 6

Nice, very web 2.0

10 Dec. 2007 2:08am UTC


Comments 4

Very nice and clean template, I converted it to a gaming site, its looks good

You can see demo here;

08 Jan. 2008 10:21am UTC


Comments 11

Nice copr-looking template. Just a little less red and this template will rock ;)

17 Apr. 2008 6:13am UTC


Comments 1

Love it. This is my favorite to date.

22 Apr. 2008 10:51pm UTC


Comments 22

very nice web 2.0 template.

01 May. 2008 2:32am UTC


Comments 43

Very nice! It reminds me of the RedTie design.

19 Oct. 2008 7:49pm UTC


Comments 1

I like this design because:

*I read from left to right is easy on my eyes.

*Clean lines, efficient.

*Simple and beautiful.

24 Feb. 2009 3:27am UTC


Comments 1

good design

14 Mar. 2009 5:04am UTC


Comments 1

Wow! Looks very professional design.
Can I submit my designs in Photoshop PSD format?

03 Oct. 2009 7:50pm UTC


Comments 3

very nice.. great job!

02 Sep. 2010 9:24am UTC


Comments 2

wow:) thats nice as well as corporate look...very nice work 8/10

15 Apr. 2011 8:36am UTC


Comments 1

nice template....

11 Oct. 2011 12:51pm UTC


Comments 22

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Comments 12

Interesting composition. lmenu on the left of slidebar thats great!

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