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January 12, 2007
XHTML 1.0 Strict
Uses CSS

Designer Notes

Multiflex-3: Update-7. Fixes a bug in Opera 9.10.

Design Comments

14 Jan. 2007 9:47pm UTC


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This is an awesome template, well done! Thanks for sharing this!

15 Jan. 2007 9:12am UTC


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17 Jan. 2007 4:49am UTC


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Great design. Definitely one of the best on

23 Jan. 2007 4:57pm UTC


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great design! Clean and fresh - thanks for sharing it!

24 Jan. 2007 8:29pm UTC


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This is a great layout - any chance this will become a WordPress Theme?

28 Jan. 2007 10:51am UTC


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WordPress porting of Multiflex-3 is being done by Ainslie Johnsson, see link and notes in the template on index.html

10 Feb. 2007 3:43am UTC


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The only way I can describe it is - smooth! That's the feeling I get when I look at the design. Thank you for an excellent design.

28 Feb. 2007 7:48am UTC


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This is a sweet layout! It has nearly everything that I want.

I would like to have some changes made to it. Can I pay you to make these and possibly remove the footer link? I'd rather have you do some work on it and get some money out of it rather than a random coder...

Please let me know. My email is bressocom --at--

thank you

28 Mar. 2007 5:20pm UTC


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How would I add a second submenu?

31 Mar. 2007 9:06pm UTC

moeen uddin

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Lovely design.

07 Apr. 2007 10:56pm UTC


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Great work! Thanks for providing this to the open source community.

10 Apr. 2007 10:42am UTC


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Excellent template!

Thanks Wolfgang for sharing this.

I've been searching for this kind of template for 2 days already.

Clean style with 3-4 columns and it comes with options for text navigation.

Awesome! I owe you a lot !

I'm looking for your email address on your website but could not find it.. ( I mean the website.. or something like that)

Thanks again man!

11 Apr. 2007 12:27pm UTC


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Excellent template. The only thing I will add(need) is a css to show some kind of help for each field in a form.

For Example:


Maybe the help text could be in a smaller case bellow(or next to) the field


Name: ______________ only 30 chars

Thanks again for this great template. Right now I am writing a classified application with it.

11 Apr. 2007 12:29pm UTC


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Excellent template. The only thing I will add(need) is a css to show some kind of help for each field in a form.

For Example:

"label:" "text field here" "Help text"

Maybe the help text could be in a smaller case bellow(or next to) the field


Name: ______________ only 30 chars

Thanks again for this great template. Right now I am writing a classified application with it.

16 May. 2007 7:21pm UTC


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VERY nice template.
Thank you very much for sharing.

I am currently trying to get into CSS a bit more and I have been fiddling with this template to get some more insights.

What I noticed and don't quite understand ist this part in the drop down navigation boxes:

The problem is, the syntax highlighting of my HTML editor renders ALL code after this snippet as a comment, so reading the following code is quite tiresome.

Why exactly is the tag bracketed in "" and "

the page will not render correctly in Firefox (2.01).

I guess I could cope with the syntax highlighting bugging out, but I would like to learn more about this "hack" and why it needs to be coded as it is.

Any feedback on this is highly appreciated, I'd love to learn more about this.

Thank you in advance.

16 May. 2007 7:37pm UTC


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Oh, the code snippets I posted in my previois comment are of course handled as HTML comments by the comment system and not rendered here :)

I am referring to line 95 of the original index.html file in the design package.

21 May. 2007 11:02am UTC


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Great design!

I have a slight issue with the dropdown menues falling behind a flash slideshow near the top.

This only happens in IE6 of course, works good in FF2 and Safari.
FF and Safari momentarely puts the menu behind the flash when the slides transition, but put them in front again when you select the menu again. In IE the menu stays behind no matter what, and this is something I will have to resolve.

Seems IE6 ignores the 'z-index:1000' style.

Any ideas?

21 May. 2007 11:29am UTC


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This behaviour is confirmed in IE7 also.

13 Jul. 2007 12:51pm UTC


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Thanks for such a great template. I have made a site with it that I am very pleased with

It features an in-site search engine and automated translation.

Would appreciate any comments from designers.

I cannot find a contact email for G Wolfgang so if you see this and would like some freebie left-handed products please contact me - details on the web site

Keith, London

24 Jul. 2007 4:01pm UTC


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I absolutely love this design, and I'd like to know if/how folks are using it with WordPress.

Since this template now has a WP porting, does this mean the template is ready-to-go as is on WP, or will using it in conjunction with WP require additional tweaking?

(Since I'm new to WP, I'm just curious if it might require additional tech support to use this template with WP.)

BTW, Keith, you did a great job with your "Lefties" web site!

30 Jul. 2007 8:10pm UTC


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Im having issues with IE 6. Any suggestions?

25 Aug. 2007 3:55am UTC


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I love this template... thank you so much for making it available. It has taught me a lot.

fyi - I am seeing a little bug in the main nav. in the latest version of Safari on an Intel Mac.

The drop down menus leave some artifacts when you mouse away. Just thought I would pass that along.
Thanks again.

24 Jan. 2008 3:31am UTC


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this template is exactly what I was looking for ... I am new in WEB design and I was looking for a template, easy to use and easy to change with flexibility, after hours and days of search, I am SO HAPPY that I have find this. Very nice to play with Dreamweaver, I will come back and post my website address to show what I have done

Thank you very much for sharing this.

23 Feb. 2008 10:26pm UTC


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Hi !

As promised, here is my version of your template, transformed (in French)

18 Apr. 2008 5:24pm UTC


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I have a problem with image floating in Firefox and IE6.

Problem is that if the paragraph immediately after the image is not long enough to wrap, then any content in subsequent , , , tags goes to below the image.

I have tried fixing this with:

p.wrap:after {content:"."; display:block; height:0; clear:none; visibility:hidden;}

Then setting for paragraphs near the image. Seems to work on Firefox. Not on IE6.

But similar does not work for and , etc.

Any chance of a fix? I'm pulling my hair out.

18 Apr. 2008 5:34pm UTC


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Not my site:

But you can see the problem - the second paragraph does not flow correctly beside the image.

Looks very bad if the first paragraph next to an image is very short.

18 Aug. 2008 10:09pm UTC


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This is a great template.. thanks. I'm trying to add 'captcha' to the contact us form in mf42_layout2.html. Has anyone figured out how to do this and be willing to share? The registration form for OSWD includes captcha.. possibly there is a link to where that code resides.

Thanks for any ideas.

27 Aug. 2008 6:57pm UTC

Ewan Kennedy

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This is a great design - so simple and clear, easy to expand and good for search engine optimisation.

I have 3 domains using this design right now:

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.

02 Sep. 2008 6:51am UTC


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Many thanks Wolfgang. I have made a start with a few pages already and I like the look. If you have something like a portfolio of sites using your design, you might like to add mine ...

12 Sep. 2008 1:03am UTC


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I have this template working now, and have captcha working on the 'contactus' page

Thanks again for sharing

22 Sep. 2009 11:35pm UTC


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Love the Multiflex range of templates, I've used quite a few and it's the one I always go back to for code snippets that are often lacking in other templates.

01 Oct. 2009 2:38pm UTC


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This is an amazing template. It is very clean and elegant. My only issue is the tabulation. It would be very nice if we could determine a standard for tabulation and such on OSWD and stick to it.

04 Jun. 2010 9:27am UTC


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27 Oct. 2010 5:09am UTC


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why is it when i use your template it loses all the colour, formats and background

21 Mar. 2013 6:08pm UTC


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