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Simple Life


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January 4, 2007

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An XHTML 1.0 tableless design for a simple website. Comes with most HTML tags styled and a wack of custom CSS classes to make life easier.

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03 Sep 2007 13:49pm PDT


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Great, thanks !

21 Apr 2008 19:08pm PDT


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I really liked this theme - thanks. the wood grain reminds me of some of the Office 2008 for Mac templates and I really liked that "organic" feel for a website. As a suggestion, though, it would be better if the grain could have a very consistent "value" - that is if it wasn't lighter in some areas and darker in others. This may have just been a reflection of the stain used by the woodworker but it would help for consistency's sake on the site. It really makes it obvious when you've duplicated the background image (for long content pages) when the bottom and top of the wood grains are such different colors.

I decided to modify it a bit. I threw in some reflection (see reflectionJS project) and some lightbox-ish effects for a popup nav menu (I guess I really took the "sometimes you don't need a sidebar" thing seriously - sometimes you don't need a visible menu). Hope you enjoy the modification - it's my dental fraternity (USC School of Dentstry's website).

Thanks again!


24 Aug 2009 08:52am PDT


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I love the simplicity. Beautiful

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