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January 18, 2007

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Updated Jan 2007

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18 Jan 2007 10:42am PST


Comments 4

Nice theme nautica, as always! I'm not a big fan of the tabs, but besides those it's lovely.

19 Jan 2007 00:03am PST


Comments 1

Nice to see someone thinking of a design that is not fixed at 800px wide. Just realised that this kind of comment woud normally be in the Forums, but since they disappeared it will probably languish here where no one reads it ;-)

07 Feb 2007 08:45am PST


Comments 1

nice template, i like ur other designs. i might use it for my new site.

23 Sep 2007 15:52pm PDT


Comments 12

It is good, but more for unfinished template. The white body and the black(dark) header and footer looks like not on place.

07 Jan 2008 08:52am PST


Comments 11

Very good work, thank you.

11 Mar 2008 00:53am PDT


Comments 1

this is a very good template but i have one problem with it: You cannot tell which tag is active.

16 Jun 2008 23:41pm PDT

Jamie Lee

Comments 1

Thank you..!!!

20 Aug 2008 14:33pm PDT


Comments 19

Great. But too musch information...

03 Jul 2012 19:36pm PDT


Comments 63

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Comments 63

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