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January 9, 2007

Designer Notes

Super light-weight design. Includes 5 color schemes, 3 fixed width layouts, and 3 fluid width layouts.

Design Comments

31 Jan 2007 18:33pm PST


Comments 2

this is a beautiful design!

01 May 2007 10:40am PDT


Comments 2

simplicity is the key. nice.

06 Jun 2007 00:37am PDT


Comments 2

This design is awesome

I was searching for a free blog web design..once I saw this one, I said: "this is it!!"

The designer is very talented

06 Jun 2007 00:40am PDT


Comments 2

This design is awesome

I was searching for a free blog web design..once I saw this one, I said: "this is it!!"

I applied it to my blog after adapting it for BlogEngine.NET and doing some modifications, specifically the bottom's now a mirror of the top header.

The designer

22 Jul 2007 16:01pm PDT


Comments 1

The download zip file is reporting bad. Can you fix the file?

21 Nov 2007 10:00am PST


Comments 1

thanks, great design...

the only problem is, #main_inner .post ul.post_info (meta) will mash up when the title is to long. when the h3 contain more then one line, the title will hit the meta.

any idea how to fix it?

thanks again...

william s

10 Jan 2008 02:44am PST


Comments 11

Very well done. Header's height could be slightly reduced, so, it wont hit their eyes ;)

15 Feb 2008 01:08am PST


Comments 1

I have been browsing the templates and this designer keeps jumping out at me! I love the clean simple lines. Very nice.

22 Apr 2008 15:55pm PDT


Comments 22

one of the best free css templates ever made.

05 May 2008 22:05pm PDT


Comments 43

Nice, but it looks weird in Opera.

16 May 2008 19:44pm PDT


Comments 1

Have ported this theme to Plone 3.X - NodeThirtyThree - you guys rock!

06 Aug 2008 14:41pm PDT


Comments 15

I love the way you can change the color and style of the design. I have used it for quite a few of unpublished pages

09 Jul 2009 12:23pm PDT


Comments 1

Gives IE errors.

"restore down" your browser window and play with the size settings of the IE window itself.

You get a scroll bar at the bottom eventually and when you scroll it to the right, you get white space ugliness on the right.

Works fine in FF.

29 Jul 2009 05:56am PDT

Comments 1

I've used this one and have no problems in firefox, opera, safari or any of the browsers available in KDE or Gnome.
Why worry about IE? Let that dog lie.
I just appreciate these folks making it available, it really helped me learn about CSS and HTML.
Thanks nodethirtythree

29 Mar 2011 20:26pm PDT


Comments 6

Nice simple design. A little dated now, but I like it.

11 Oct 2011 05:48am PDT


Comments 22

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29 Sep 2012 18:55pm PDT


Comments 1

Love this design.

05 Nov 2012 21:52pm PST


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