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January 22, 2007

Designer Notes

My second design for OSWD. I hope you enjoy it! Please keep the link to my page ;)

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19 Feb 2007 00:39am PST

sasa gad

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برمجيات الكومبيوتر

03 Apr 2007 09:18am PDT


Comments 4

Is that Arab?? 0.o Why not talk in English?!

Anyways, nice design.. looks kinda pro :P

28 Apr 2007 19:25pm PDT


Comments 1

¿Por qué usted no habla español?
De todos página web muy agradable.
¡Gracias, alexisc22!

13 May 2007 04:55am PDT


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This is an awesome design. I would like to have a link on my blog to some of your work. Please try and drop some info.

14 May 2007 13:27pm PDT


Comments 1

The design is very elegant and simple. I really like the layout. However the backend needs some work to be done in order to become w3c compliant. specifically in the style.css and html page. Nothing major, just some minor issues. All in all, I would give this:

Design: A
Coding: B

01 Jun 2007 09:03am PDT


Comments 1

Yo creo que el moro está diciendo que lo plagiaron. Se puede apreciar claramente.


02 Jun 2007 02:05am PDT


Comments 9

i like it.. and i like RedTie too ^

29 Jun 2007 03:52am PDT


Comments 1

Very nice design!

07 Jul 2007 02:29am PDT


Comments 5

Nice & simple design!

13 Aug 2007 13:20pm PDT


Comments 1

This is a very nice, clean design, but you are selling yourself short on your CSS. The CSS you do have is nice, but then you also use style tags in your HTML. Commit 100% to your stylesheet, especially if making templates for later use by yourself or someone else.

04 Dec 2007 11:43am PST


Comments 1

like ur style.. but like the others say "Commit 100% to your stylesheet"..
u give me inspiration :-)

07 Jan 2008 00:51am PST


Comments 1

Great template, I've modified it and used it on several sites inc:

Keep up the good work!

20 Apr 2008 13:04pm PDT


Comments 22

not bad.

30 Apr 2008 14:14pm PDT


Comments 43

Very nice!

The colors work very well together.

28 Jul 2008 11:21am PDT

Alejandro Atienza Ramos

Comments 1

I like your design, and probably I'll use it for my project.

Anyway, apart from the style embedded on the page that was previously pointed, I also didn't like the text justifying you did by hand. Also, there is an extra tag after the bodytext span closing; as a result, the footer div gets expelled from the page div.

If linksmenu div were implemented with a li tag, it would have been perfect. Anyway, the anchor tag set is fine.

Thanks a lot for your design; I hope you'll find my feedback useful!

20 Aug 2008 14:30pm PDT


Comments 19

Umm, this looks cool.. =)

11 Feb 2009 10:59am PST


Comments 2

Nice job

04 Mar 2009 17:13pm PST


Comments 1

Hi Sir,
I liked all templates, and they are just fabulous. I wonder if I want to use any of the pages for my website then how would I have access to its code because I may want to bring some changes in it. A few minutes ago, I downloaded one template, but I wasn't able to bring any changes in it since I haven't had access to its code(html). I hope if you could help me in this regard. THANKS

30 Apr 2009 08:31am PDT


Comments 1

it is cool.thanks for helping people like us

09 Jun 2009 03:33am PDT


Comments 2

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26 Jun 2009 13:14pm PDT


Comments 1

Nice Color!!!!!cool design

27 Jun 2009 00:15am PDT


Comments 9

thanks for your help

23 Nov 2010 03:13am PST


Comments 6

Good job.

20 Sep 2009 21:17pm PDT


Comments 1

Nice, simple design. thanks for sharing.

06 Dec 2009 15:05pm PST


Comments 8

It's a really nice and intuitive design. Keep up the good work :)

20 Jan 2010 20:05pm PST


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I like the design. Looks sharp.
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25 Jan 2010 15:45pm PST


Comments 8

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20 Mar 2010 10:19am PDT


Comments 5

The side menu is nice with the shadow at the top and the hover effect. I will probably use this aspect of your design.


18 Aug 2010 04:49am PDT


Comments 1

Very soothing template. I will use this design. I want to know what format of image i.e. jpeg or gif or bmp, should better to use. Please convey.

Fashion Girl

20 Sep 2010 01:33am PDT


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Great designs you got there. It is intuitive and well crafted. Good job you got there. I think it will surely a great template to use. I want to try it.

11 Nov 2010 07:31am PST


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14 Nov 2010 11:16am PST


Comments 1

When zoomed under 100% in the browser the layout falls apart.
Any ideas on a solution?

02 Feb 2011 02:07am PST


Comments 2

Uh disaster!

14 May 2011 03:56am PDT


Comments 3

Seems very simple. But using this one make your site looks organized though because its very visible.

26 Sep 2011 20:37pm PDT


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Comments 1

Great looking and easily navigated design.

I use this as the index page on my website.

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