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Greeny blu


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January 22, 2007

Designer Notes

Greeny blue compose of green, black , blue colours. Change the image however you like. But I suggest you replace the image with a greeny picture. The zip has the source code as well with .PSD Photoshop file and the main html/css files.

Design Comments

24 Jan 2007 17:56pm PST


Comments 1

I would really like to use this greeny/blu template, but the data is corrupted.

24 Jan 2007 18:33pm PST


Comments 3

is it corrupted? they should know this if it the way if it is really corrupted just download this from my website:

20 Feb 2007 11:17am PST


Comments 1

Beautiful visual design, but table-based layout???

07 Mar 2007 05:53am PST


Comments 4

I thought the whole point of this site was to show standards based websites and not ones made from tables?

07 Mar 2007 21:04pm PST


Comments 1

This is a truly gorgeous design, I must say. Too bad it is table based though. Nevertheless, I will mention that standards based doesn't mean not table based. i'm very anti-table though.

12 Mar 2007 19:01pm PDT


Comments 3

Thank you for commenting. Im glad you like the design based on what it looks like, but this is a rather old design when tables was IN that time. I do have some Layer based layout if you guys are interested.


27 Mar 2007 03:26am PDT


Comments 1

Great design. I love the transparent buttons. I am going to use it for my download pages.

26 Apr 2007 23:36pm PDT


Comments 1

I love the layout and stuff, Im going to use this on my webpage :) Thanks for makeing it

24 May 2007 02:52am PDT

Vijeth D

Comments 1

One of the most beautiful and professional designs, i have ever seen..

24 May 2007 10:48am PDT


Comments 1

Very clean

27 May 2007 09:00am PDT


Comments 1

is possible to change the menu with a rollover one?, becouse i need of more sub items, but i like a lot that trasparences on your menu and i wish to keep

28 May 2007 15:15pm PDT


Comments 3

Everyone please change the website link to:

the old one is a free webhost i used before, and i cant seem to update the link on here.(stupit) I really link to update the files.

18 Jul 2007 09:29am PDT


Comments 3

I am thinking of changing my layout to something like this greeny blu.

Do you guys think it will work well (or not) with the theme of my Martin Luther King, Jr. site:

20 Aug 2007 05:07am PDT


Comments 2

Awesome layout.. - thanks for the layout :)

28 Aug 2007 05:43am PDT


Comments 2

remind about football

11 Dec 2007 05:27am PST


Comments 1

cool! =)

30 Oct 2007 19:19pm PDT


Comments 12

In general i'm not a fan of really dark designs, however i really like this one.

Well done.

04 Jan 2008 14:24pm PST


Comments 1

Vey Clean. Perfect.

15 Jan 2008 07:59am PST


Comments 1

neat and clean

20 Apr 2008 13:03pm PDT


Comments 22

I like it

22 Apr 2008 07:08am PDT


Comments 1

heartlessg, honestly beautifull work with alot of staff to expand and grow them up as a one solid website.

28 Apr 2008 12:51pm PDT


Comments 43

The overall design is a little cluttered, but I like it!

12 Aug 2008 21:38pm PDT


Comments 4

Excellent template!

20 Aug 2008 14:31pm PDT


Comments 19


22 Jun 2009 17:03pm PDT


Comments 1

Excellent desing! Simple and clear. I will use this for my site Thank you again for this lovely template.

15 Jul 2009 07:31am PDT


Comments 1

really pretty!

20 Nov 2009 01:26am PST


Comments 1

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06 Dec 2009 15:03pm PST


Comments 8

It's a really nice and intuitive design. Keep up the good work :)

25 Jan 2010 15:44pm PST


Comments 8

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Comments 9

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24 Mar 2010 05:19am PDT


Comments 1

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02 Apr 2010 20:50pm PDT


Comments 1

it's a great design...

04 Jul 2010 12:46pm PDT


Comments 1

A refreshing color blend. That its table based doesnt bother me at all, the way I see it each theme fulfills a need. I think this is perfect for green business themed sites.

22 Jul 2010 08:18am PDT

Atlanta Remodeling

Comments 1

I like blue & green template, but let me know how to use it for my site i.e.

30 Jul 2010 05:15am PDT


Comments 1

I love greenery so much.. It gives me a wonderful feeling when i'm in my garden surrounded with various plants and shurbs...

This template was amazing... color combination was mind blowing

06 Aug 2010 14:20pm PDT

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Comments 2

That template really looks cool.
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12 Sep 2010 04:11am PDT


Comments 2

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28 Sep 2010 22:58pm PDT


Comments 2

Like the simple design tke sharing

05 Oct 2010 07:51am PDT


Comments 4

this design still looks modern. it was really ahead of its time when it was released in 2007.

13 Oct 2010 08:37am PDT


Comments 1

simple and attractive.good stuff

21 Oct 2010 22:07pm PDT


Comments 5

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Comments 2

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