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Delicious Fruit


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January 22, 2007

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23 Jan 2007 02:02am PST


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just have these words for you


23 Jan 2007 03:39am PST


Comments 4

Thanks, very inspiering whith some feedback :)enjoy the template.

23 Jan 2007 05:14am PST


Comments 2

Very nice!
One could almost think, the header were an image! :)

23 Jan 2007 13:09pm PST


Comments 1

va ery nice one.

29 Jan 2007 21:03pm PST


Comments 3

very nice

31 Jan 2007 18:01pm PST


Comments 7

Very well done indeed!
Great job.
My compliments.

31 Jan 2007 21:18pm PST

Moe Thu

Comments 1

Oh! very nice..
I like your color matching..

18 Apr 2007 12:38pm PDT


Comments 1

once again... beautiful :-)

16 May 2007 06:57am PDT


Comments 1

A very inspiring design :D

The quite simple layout is quite enormously enhanced by the color scheme along with the beautifully designed background image !

Hope to see more artwork from Dieter ASAP,


18 Jun 2007 17:20pm PDT


Comments 1

very nice, i like this !!!
thanks. I do web design ( ) and i'm ever looking for good designs to see

14 Jul 2007 15:25pm PDT


Comments 1

This design is awesome. Never have I submitted a design to a group that got chosen as is (but the logo) and used without mods.

Keep on going.

See it live on



27 Jul 2007 04:27am PDT


Comments 5

Very clean & fresh! Love it

27 Jul 2007 18:17pm PDT


Comments 1

Elegant design. Beauty with simplicity.

14 Aug 2007 03:29am PDT


Comments 1

Very nice!
Great job

29 Aug 2007 09:45am PDT


Comments 1

very nice!:-)

20 Sep 2007 06:48am PDT


Comments 8

Very impressive! This is very good. Great colors, great design!

30 Oct 2007 19:17pm PDT


Comments 12

Very nice design, i really dig it.

Only thing i'm not 100% fussed on is the font for quoted text.. But that's simply changed.

Overall a big thumbs up.

14 Nov 2007 06:14am PST


Comments 2

Great design. I also think the CSS and the use of ONE image for the left navigation is freaking slick and cool. NICE!

02 Mar 2008 21:54pm PST


Comments 1

I am new at this but need a website for my acupuncture business. Can you I alter the template at all? I do not need a login facility. Can I swap your picture for one to support my business? It's the nicest design I have seen - look forward to your reply - thankyou Rachel

20 Apr 2008 13:05pm PDT


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30 Apr 2008 14:26pm PDT


Comments 43

Nice colors and layout.

06 May 2008 13:51pm PDT

Web Tasarım

Comments 1

very nice

18 Jun 2008 11:40am PDT


Comments 3

it looks beautiful

23 Jul 2008 02:20am PDT


Comments 1

cute...i like it..,thx a lot

20 Aug 2008 12:45pm PDT


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08 Sep 2008 09:38am PDT


Comments 1

First of all a great design !!

Secondly, I did some testing with Explorer 6.0, and the left column items seems to move down and to the right. Why does it change with different explorer versions?


20 Oct 2008 00:47am PDT


Comments 3

Superbe Template. Aéré, symétrique, reposant et naturel... bref que du bon. Bravo! Tu as du talent.

Really Nice template. Airy, symmetric, restful and natural in brief that of the check. Bravo! You have big talent.

27 Nov 2008 02:32am PST


Comments 19

Smells good =)

18 Dec 2008 01:30am PST


Comments 1

the image file blockquote.png as referenced in the .css is missing from the zip package

25 Dec 2008 06:31am PST


Comments 1

Just a note for anyone thinking about purchasing from this submitter:

I paid or this layout, trying to do my part to support the independent guy. Unfortunately there has been no contact made by this person to confirm my purchase and provide the other files outlined in what will be provided when you make the purchase.

I have made numerous attempts to contact them with no luck. I have tried all emails included with the layout and on this persons site. No response.

While I am happy with the layout and at least I have the email from pay-pal confirming the payment, it would have been nice to get the rest of items that were supposed to be included with the sale.

Im not suggesting not purchasing the layout, I wholeheartedly support this type of commerce and exchange and making sure that the artist gets their due, just keep this in mind. You will get the satisfaction of knowing you paid for the product, but dont expect anything else.


13 Jan 2009 19:44pm PST


Comments 1

Its very good (neet and clean), color combination ect very good.

25 May 2009 22:58pm PDT


Comments 1

Very beautiful........... very nice......

20 Mar 2010 10:23am PDT


Comments 5

The login area is particularly nice with the textured background and the little leaf intruding on the corner.

I will probably try using something similar in my design.


21 May 2010 03:34am PDT


Comments 8

Very beautiful. Thanks!

26 May 2010 06:27am PDT


Comments 2

thanks, really delightful one!

28 May 2010 04:51am PDT


Comments 4

Nice design man. Im struggling to upload any designs to be honest.

21 Jun 2010 01:08am PDT


Comments 7

so beautiful~

12 Jul 2010 03:44am PDT


Comments 2

Really nice design. Clean and clear and well laid out

30 Jul 2010 11:49am PDT


Comments 1


28 Sep 2010 22:54pm PDT


Comments 2

thanks. I do web design

06 Oct 2010 11:21am PDT


Comments 3

go put up a health store with this design.

26 Jan 2011 16:59pm PST


Comments 1

This is a design Ive used a lot. Great Job.

31 Jan 2011 00:43am PST


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22 Apr 2011 12:04pm PDT


Comments 1

Now, are these wordpress of xhtml templates? A while has passed since these posts and templates were posted here, so I'm wondering if there's been any updates to these templates.
dota maphack

26 Apr 2011 23:34pm PDT


Comments 1

I have been look at websites for inspiration in designing my own website.

This site is truly stunning and has made me rething my whole approach.

I love it, love it, love it.

Marks out of 10 where 10 is the best?


13 May 2011 05:24am PDT


Comments 6

Fruits in this design is very attracting and the entire picture is very elegant!

19 Jun 2011 09:48am PDT


Comments 1

Thanks for sharing your design with the world.

10 Dec 2011 02:50am PST


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