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April 4, 2006

Designer Notes

City themed XHTML Strict 1.0 template. Uses a fluid CSS layout that looks good in Mozilla, Opera, IE and Safari.

Design Comments

04 Apr 2006 23:15pm PDT


Comments 7

Dude, this is one kick ass theme!

05 Apr 2006 04:10am PDT


Comments 1

This is one awesome design!

05 Apr 2006 05:02am PDT


Comments 22

Wowee, that's nice as!

Maaan, cough in my direction so I can catch the design bug.

I have been told that any monkey can code, but designing is the valuable thing.

/me makes monkey noises

05 Apr 2006 09:52am PDT


Comments 4

Fantastic work! Great design and extensive detail in the support pages. Hands down, the best template I've seen here on this site!

05 Apr 2006 10:33am PDT


Comments 4

Great work! The most user-friendly design I've seen in a long time.

05 Apr 2006 11:46am PDT


Comments 9

Hola! Thanks for being (been?) ((spanish here)) so detailed, I learned a few things with your design. Great work and you convinced me to download Firefox!

05 Apr 2006 13:26pm PDT


Comments 2

This is one of the most well-equipped templates I've seen - good work!

07 Apr 2006 05:51am PDT


Comments 10

Awesom design. Everything you could want to style a page is there! Good job!

08 Apr 2006 19:51pm PDT


Comments 5

Lover the way the hot air ballons float over the other image in the header when you resize the window.

Excellent design.

12 Apr 2006 10:48am PDT


Comments 1

fantastic design dude

love the well thought out and complete style sheets and design

well laid out help / example files

the best design on the site - may well have to use it myself ;-)

14 May 2006 07:16am PDT


Comments 1

Just thought you might want to check this theme out :

Someone's ported it to Wordpress and from what I see, all the copyrights have been removed and his own added :s

05 Jun 2006 09:08am PDT


Comments 1

Thanks for the comments people.

Alexine, I've gotten so used to people claiming my work as their own that it doesn't really bother me. If you look at the guy's portfolio, he's used my greenery template as one of his "unique" designs :]

13 Jun 2006 02:13am PDT


Comments 3

He will learn nothing by ripping other peoples designs and gain no real satisfaction.

Back to the topic - a great design for sure

19 Jul 2006 14:34pm PDT


Comments 6

Super, eye-catching, inutitive design. I'll be using this one for my school's newspaper.

10 Aug 2006 23:02pm PDT


Comments 2

if you want it to valid CSS just use

10 Aug 2006 23:06pm PDT


Comments 2

for valid CSS use

<!--[if IE]>


01 Dec 2006 14:04pm PST


Comments 6

Excellent Job!

This template is truly excellent, check it out at


24 Sep 2006 10:45am PDT


Comments 2

Excellent design. :)

10 Feb 2007 10:30am PST


Comments 1

awesome layout.. i used it on my site after changing some tweaks.. but left almost all intact! thanks for sharing.

17 Apr 2007 15:25pm PDT


Comments 1

looks an awful lot like this one?

09 May 2007 02:30am PDT


Comments 9

Excellent design, and a lot of effort has gone into it.

Well done. Very impressed.

07 Jul 2007 02:27am PDT


Comments 5

Awesome! looks very web 2.0

24 Sep 2007 19:19pm PDT


Comments 3

This is a great design and is in full use at

27 Sep 2007 09:46am PDT


Comments 3

Very nice, clean layout and design.

24 Oct 2007 15:03pm PDT


Comments 2

before i forget, i ported this theme to multiply which you cna find here:

sorry, doesn't allow users to change the footer text, only the css.

i did link this page from that page.

thanks again for the theme

01 Nov 2007 11:33am PDT


Comments 6

very nice, maybe i will give it a try on my site

11 Dec 2007 06:48am PST


Comments 1

hi all. I'm new at this designing stuff and am trying to pimp my blog. Is it possible to use the lazydays template on blogger? when I try to paste the code it says there is no skin. Supposedly I should be able to us XHTML (not CSS) with blogger, but not sure what to do after trying to past the .html from the index file. Thanks for the help.

-The Newbie (you were too once)

13 Jan 2008 14:08pm PST


Comments 2

I came upon this design. It is pretty awesome indeed. Hats off to you. Web UI designing is very difficult and being a developer, I can appreciate the effort you have put into this design. If I use this design, I will certainly put a link back to your page.

12 Jul 2008 16:08pm PDT


Comments 1

this is a really clever design. right click on the banner image-- most of it is made of repeating slivers of earth and sky (to save space) then there are two images of the two building clusters. awesome.

29 May 2012 20:36pm PDT


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