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Bitter Sweet


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January 9, 2007

Designer Notes

Lime flavoured template with two columns.

Design Comments

08 Feb 2007 18:45pm PST


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26 Feb 2007 07:40am PST


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great looking design. Thank you.

28 Feb 2007 11:27am PST


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I really like this design, but I'm curious about something. I found the same template on this site:
Listed as "Newsletter Template #4"

It's in a collection of newsletter templates that you have to pay for.

I don't want to use this template and find out someone else owns the copyright.

Please advise. Thank you.

06 Mar 2007 22:50pm PST


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I will contact the one in charge for that website, I have designed and own the copyright for this template. You may also ask Martin Walls aka "matchstick" who is the photographer that took the picture of the lemon splashing in the water for further evidence.

Note also how it stands out from the other set of lesser templates.

12 Mar 2007 07:07am PDT


Comments 5

Nice collage with drops!

15 Mar 2007 12:48pm PDT


Comments 1

Brilliant design and it works well with my business which happens to be called lime computers lol

02 May 2007 12:00pm PDT


Comments 3

This is a nice design. I would not have you could make green look so good.

23 May 2007 14:57pm PDT


Comments 3

sweet lemonade :D
thx for sharing

26 Jun 2007 13:01pm PDT


Comments 3

Awesome template Arcsin! It's so hard to make such a bright green look so good!

01 Aug 2007 09:23am PDT


Comments 12

Very nice template, i love the colors!

The only thing i don't like is the font and font size, however a quick tweak and it's perfect.

Thankyou :)

12 Jan 2008 04:59am PST


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Ported it to Drupal.

14 Jan 2008 11:59am PST


Comments 3

Howdo you make it so good :)what program ?

04 Mar 2008 07:16am PST


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22 Apr 2008 15:52pm PDT


Comments 22

Love it, one of your best templates.

05 May 2008 21:54pm PDT


Comments 43

Very nice! So fresh and full of life.

09 May 2008 12:40pm PDT


Comments 1

Very Nice Arcsin, Im using a similar (if not the same lime picture for one of my templates)
I found it on a free image website. How can i contact the owner of the image to see if im able to show my work with that picture (lemon in martini glass)?

16 Jun 2008 03:12am PDT


Comments 1

very nice arcsin, great template

28 Aug 2008 15:22pm PDT


Comments 1

great template...

may use it for a local residents group if thats ok? Am i able to change the image that is displayed as a div.header? (and if so how) thanks

21 Jun 2009 06:03am PDT


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great & awesome! I am just self-studying web design and would appreciate if anyone of you could give answer to my question which is...where I can find a template with built-in countries as drop down menu and also with personal info collection from customers? Looking forward to your reply...thanks a lot!

01 Aug 2009 01:41am PDT


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Amazing template Arcsin, I have been looking for just this scheme...thanks!!

03 Oct 2009 12:33pm PDT


Comments 3

Great Template... thanks for sharing

04 Jan 2010 20:07pm PST


Comments 2

Great design! Very striking yet cool! Looking forward to use this for my personal website.

05 Apr 2010 09:43am PDT


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28 May 2010 05:35am PDT


Comments 2

Great design - Very bright, clear and clean! I can't wait to use this. Thanks!

29 May 2010 11:11am PDT


Comments 1

If only it was free....

05 Jul 2010 06:56am PDT


Comments 1

Awesome and tasty theme

16 Aug 2010 06:55am PDT


Comments 1

There is a joomla template available based on this design. It can be downloaded from

15 Oct 2010 07:16am PDT

Buy Web Templates

Comments 2

This is a very proffesional template,
Even it is better than commercial templates that are sold hundred dolars.

22 Nov 2010 21:39pm PST


Comments 1

good stuff to be sure...will use in our next project.

01 Nov 2010 11:26am PDT


Comments 1

Beautiful Design.

I'm trying to use it for my education website. I have one technical question : everything works fine when developing locally, but when downloaded to the server, some background images do not load. It is not a question of permissions. Do you have any idea ?

03 Jan 2011 14:39pm PST


Comments 1

beautiful design!

Wish all here a Happy New Year and a peaceful 2011!

13 May 2011 05:20am PDT


Comments 6

Wow! this is perfect. I like the way it is being colored as green, this isn't the common green that distracts to your eyes or vision but indeed a perfect piece. very soothing!

30 Sep 2011 03:29am PDT


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Impressive, Straight to the point and well written,Usually i dont provide feedback to sites, but yours has some rare content hence wanted to thank you, I have book marked this.

11 Oct 2011 05:48am PDT


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01 Dec 2011 09:14am PST


Comments 1

Can I use this template for my business website? Is there anything I need to be concerned about the copyright of the images?

29 May 2012 20:38pm PDT


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02 Jul 2013 13:13pm PDT


Comments 12

Look nice but Too many small images

12 Jan 2015 01:32am PST


Comments 1

Can one employ this design pertaining to the company site?

Joseph de Saram

01 Dec 2015 15:11pm PST


Comments 3

simple yet impressive!

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